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BES School Community Council (SCC)


School Community Councils (SCCs) are local advisory bodies that contribute to the learning success and well-being of all students within their school and community, as well as encouraging and facilitating parent and community engagement.


Basically, we are a group of parents, staff members and community members who are given an annual budget to use for school activities and events. We have paid for hot lunches, planned a fundraiser Christmas market, contributed to updating school technology, and paid for school trips such as our year end pool party…just to name a few things!


If you are ever interested in volunteering at an SCC event or even being on our council, please reach out to the school!

​ ​SCC Members

​Chair ​Krista Loydl
​Secretary ​Aileen Martin
Treasurer Tiffany McDougall
Other Members: Julie White
Lacey Evanochko 
Carla Betker 
Amanda Fiessel
​Staff Representatives ​VernaLynn Gorrill
  Cassie Rees
Division Trustee Cheryl Vertefeuille